Through a partnership with farmers in the Swiss canton of Ticino we help convert organic waste into energy used to heat local homes in the community.

Nature is the foundation for all of our work at Linnea, we strive to protect the environment by creating a virtuous cycle.

At Linnea we act as a part of nature; nature is the origin of our high-quality innovative cannabinoid ingredients, and nature inspires our team in all their work day after day.

Arising from this fundamental awareness, we’ve built a biogas plant with the scope of giving back to the planet. The biogas plant has produced impressive amounts of both heat and energy since it opened: 1,300,000 kW of electrical energy and 600,000 kW of heat annually.

That energy produced by the biogas plant is then sent to the public power grid, meeting the needs of about 250 households, while the heat is routed to the neighboring district’s heating network. The remaining inorganic matter is used as a certified-organic stabilized fertilizer for neighboring farms, thereby closing the loop in a natural, sustainable system.

Cows grazing on the grass in the foreground. In the background are white manufacturing silos. Beyond the silos are mountains.

Linnea‘s virtuous circle:
giving back to mother nature

The Linnea biogas plant is just one of the many ways in which we are committed to sustainable ethical business practices and helping the important Swiss community and landscape that we are a part of.

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Linnea’s commitment to the environment and sustainability

At Linnea we feel it is essential to devote ourselves to making a positive impact on the environment and limiting climate change. That is why we voluntarily adhere to the Swiss energy strategy program (EnAw) to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption.


A macro photograph of a green leaf.
A person in the foreground that is standing on a rock in an open field with sun setting. There is a circular icon attached to the bottom right of the image that reads: SIlver 2022 Ecovadis Sustainability Rating.

Linnea is excited to announce at the end of 2022 we have been rated Silver by Ecovadis Business Sustainability ratings.

Ecovadis helps measure important universal sustainability benchmarks and makes recommendations for performance improvements to further increase sustainability practices.

At Linnea sustainability is of significant importance and we strive to improve our impact on the environment and our community. We are thrilled to achieve this valuable Silver rating and look forward to continuing and increasing our sustainability efforts year after year.


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