Linnea® Cannabinoid
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Our cannabinoid ingredients represent the highest quality and innovation from Linnea.

NeaXtracta® Extracts

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CBD 5% CBG 5% CBD 5% : CBG 5% CBD 2.5% : CBG 2.5% CBD 5% : CBG 2.5% CBD 2.5% : CBG 5%
NeaPure® Isolates

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CBD 20% CBG 20%
NeaPure® Dilutions

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CBD 99% CBG 99%
NioSkin® Cosmetic Ingredients

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CBD 5% CBD 1%

Three industries
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Linnea’s scientifically tested cannabinoid ingredients are available for use in cannabinoid based products in the pharmaceutical, dietary ingredients and cosmetic industries around the world.


Pharma grade GMP certified standardized extracts, 99% pure isolates and ready made solutions.


Cannabinoid standardized extracts, isolates and ready made dilutions available for dietary supplements and food products.


Innovative cannabinoid ingredients suitable for formulating skincare, personal care and cosmetic products.

Cannabinoid education, Community and Thought Leadership

Linnea goes beyond manufacturing to support our customers, connect with the business community, and educate worldwide about the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids

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