Providing the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade botanical ingredients since the day we started in 1982.


Company foundation. First extracts manufactured: Ginkgo Biloba, Vincamine and Scopolamine.


The joint venture between Ipsen and Dr. Willmar Schwabe acquired the first shares in the company.


The joint venture acquired 100% of Linnea’s shares and the turnover began an upward trend.


Linnea began to develop an interest in researching medical cannabis and cannabinoids.


Linnea was the first Company worldwide to get a GMP certificate for a cannabidiol (CBD) extract from Swissmedic.


Swissmedic GMP-certificate for CBD extract and CBD isolate.


Swissmedic authorization: Pharmaceutical preparations for clinical trials, pharmaceuticals*.

*(Pharmaceutical Preparations Ph. Eur. 07/2018:2619) in compliance with GMP Part II.


Linnea® NioSkin® patented technology with CBD launched.


BAG release for the exceptional permission to work with THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol).


Novel food Applications submitted for CBD extract and CBD isolate in the EU and UK.


Pharmaceutical product registered in Argentina containing Linnea CBD extract.


Swissmedic authorization for CBG (cannabigerol) extract.


Novel food applications for CBD validated by FSA in the UK.


Pharmaceutical product registered in Brazil containing Linnea CBD extract.


International patent application for Linnea CBD extract 5%.


Pharmaceutical products registered in Uruguay and Chile containing Linnea CBD extract.


In the year of its 40th anniversary Linnea trademarked NeaXtracta® and NeaPure® products.


Narcotics license received from Swissmedic to produce and export THC APIs.


Novel food applications for CBD Extract and Isolate validated by EFSA in the EU.

Linnea‘s Mission and Story

Linnea‘s core mission is to improve people’s lives with our trusted GACP compliant botanical ingredients.

Linnea has been sustainably manufacturing high-quality botanical APIs for more than 40 years in our GMP certified facility in Ticino Switzerland. We sell to over 70 different countries all over the globe and serve more than 300 business customers each year.

With a focus on sustainably and the environment we produce natural botanical extracts, cannabinoid isolates and white label solutions for the cannabinoids market. Every ingredient that enters the Linnea production line has been selected to ensure GACP compliance. Since 2016 we have been providing much needed GMP certified ingredients to this emerging global cannabinoid market.

Linnea is committed to ongoing innovation, research and continuing to provide the highest quality cannabinoids to the pharmaceutical, dietary ingredients and cosmetics markets.

Two pairs of hands reaching out towards each other against a blue sky backdrop. Linnea, which manufactures pharmaceutical ingredients, specializes in innovative extracts and is a leading cannabigerol extract manufacturer



Years of
: A graphic with the text '40+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE' and 'since 1982' inside a circle at the bottom. Linnea, a company that manufactures pharmaceutical ingredients, is known for innovative cannabinoid ingredients and as a botanical extract manufacturer.


Clients delivered
to every year
A graphic with the text '300+ CLIENTS DELIVERED TO EVERY YEAR' and '300+' inside a circle at the bottom. Linnea, a company that manufactures pharmaceutical ingredients, specializes in cannabigerol extract and is a tetrahydrocannabinol extract manufacturer.


on average
A graphic with the text '100+ EMPLOYEES ON AVERAGE' and 'Manufactured in Switzerland' with a Swiss cross symbol at the bottom. Linnea, a company that manufactures pharmaceutical ingredients, is a leading cannabigerol extract manufacturer, CBG extract manufacturer, and API CBD isolate producer.


Countries reached
A graphic with the text '70+ COUNTRIES REACHED WORLDWIDE' and '70+' inside a circle at the bottom. Linnea, a company that manufactures pharmaceutical ingredients, specializes in pharmaceutical grade CBG isolate, cannabinoid API manufacturing, and innovative cannabinoid ingredients.


Tons of purchased
raw materials
A graphic with the text '2000+ TONS OF PURCHASED RAW MATERIALS' and an icon of a truck and an airplane at the bottom. Linnea, a company that manufactures pharmaceutical ingredients, specializes in pharmaceutical grade cannabigerol extract and cannabinoid API manufacturing.


Manufacturing active pharmaceutical, dietary and cosmetic ingredients
A graphic with the text '24/7 MANUFACTURING ACTIVE PHARMACEUTICAL, DIETARY AND COSMETIC INGREDIENTS' and icons of a bottle and a tube at the bottom. Linnea, a company that manufactures pharmaceutical ingredients, specializes in pharmaceutical grade cannabigerol extract and pharmaceutical grade cannabigerol isolate.

Meet Linnea’s executive team

Leaders and visionaries in the botanical API industry, Linnea‘s executive team brings experience and valuable insight to everything we do.

Susanne Caspar, CEO of Linnea, has held this position since 2020 and prior to this she has held prestigious leadership positions in various pharmaceutical companies. She has a degree in biology and has completed advanced studies in business management, and healthcare. Under her leadership at Linnea cannabinoid products have come to the forefront of importance and she is excited for Linnea to be contributing positively to the growth of the cannabis industry.

Susanne Caspar

chief executive officer

Proudly working at Linnea for over 17 years, first as Product Manager, Chief Procurement Officer and now as Chief Commercial Officer, he has vast experience in sales holding positions in prestigious global corporations prior to joining Linnea. Giorgio also holds degrees in international political science, management and procurement. He is fluent in seven languages and travels the globe representing Linnea discovering new market opportunities, and supporting business customers.

Giorgio Ferdinandi


Part of Linnea since 2008 and CFO since 2016 he is an experienced finance professional with multiple financial and accounting certifications and long experience working in multinational environments ensuring integrity and accuracy while always managing risk. He applies our mission to the financial aspect of Linnea ensuring that our investment plan for the future is focused on innovation and R&D and we are always thinking strategically with an eye towards improvement and growth enhancement.

Massimo Cretti

chief financial officer

Simone has proudly been working at Linnea for the last 30 years and has been the COO since 2012. He has prestigious accreditations as a chemical and safety engineer and manages all aspects of Linnea‘s manufacturing business from the field to the finished products, always with an eye towards the final consumer. He practices a strong commitment to the highest quality stringent standards in all daily operations. He is also a passionate mentor to the many young employees that start at Linnea helping to boost the careers and lives of others.

Simone Livio

chief operations officer

Giorgia has been working at Linnea in the Quality department for over 18 years, and has been Chief Quality Officer and Technical Director since 2019. She has a degree in Industrial Chemistry and has spent most of her career working in quality. She is the responsible Technical Director in charge of the Manufacturing License issued by Swissmedic and she is responsible for the Narcotic License. She is able to handle compliance with worldwide regulatory and quality expectations handling the different certification programs at Linnea. She is also a long time manager and leader at Linnea mentoring many employees at the company.

Giorgia Tossi

Chief Quality Officer

Working at Linnea since 2010 and Chief R&D Officer since 2023, he manages the R&D department and overseas research and product innovation at Linnea. He holds a masters degree in organic chemistry, and has held important positions in R&D throughout his career, working on optimizing API production for the marketplace. He is a passionate diverse thinker focused on rigorous research, new discoveries and sustainable harmonious applications of natural ingredients for Linnea’s products.

Umberto Ciriello


Cannabinoid education, Community and Thought Leadership

Linnea goes beyond manufacturing to support our customers, connect with the business community, and educate worldwide about the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids

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